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Become a NAMI member at all three levels of the organization—national, state and local—with one payment! We have three membership rates depending on what makes the most sense for you:

$60 per year for a Household Membership that includes all members of a household living at the same address

$40 per year for a Regular Membership which is an individual membership for one person

$5 per year for an Open Door Membership  for an individual member with limited financial resources

Why Join

Your annual membership will help us continue to provide Support, Education and Advocacy at no cost to all those affected by mental illness. 

In Pima County 1 in 5 or 200,000 adults and youth experience a mental illness in a given year. We need you to help us help others!  The more members we have, the louder our voices will be when we advocate for mental illness issues with our local and state elected officials.

  • $40 and $60 annual memberships receive one NAMI program t-shirt per household.
  • A subscription to The Advocate; our National’s office quarterly publication. You can also receive optional subscriptions to specialty newsletters through our National office.
  • Our affiliate’s quarterly newsletter.  Stay up-to-date on our community’s access to mental health services, events, and our affiliate announcements.
  • Invitations and Announcements to our affiliate events.
  • Automatic membership with our National, State and Local NAMI so that you stay informed of Statewide and National initiatives.  
  • Access to our lending library without having to leave a deposit.
  • Eligibility to vote in all NAMI-related elections.
  • Discounts at the online store at You can also receive a discount on registration at the annual NAMI convention as long as your membership is current!

Your Southern Arizona affiliate membership also makes you a member of NAMI Arizona and NAMI National.  To print membershp form, click here.

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Your Southern Arizona affiliate membership also makes you a member of NAMI Arizona and NAMI National.

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